At PhysioCare Rehab, we offer a suite of specialised physiotherapy services. Our aim is to provide targeted, effective treatments that address your specific health concerns and enhance your overall well-being.

About Our Services

Addressing Pain and Enhancing Mobility

Our services range from managing conditions like musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, to treating sport injuries and aiding pre-post surgical recovery. We also provide dedicated support for pediatric and elderly conditions.

Our Service

Comprehensive Physiotherapy Services

Our treatment methods are research-based and scientifically proven to effectively address a wide range of conditions.

Musculoskeletal Disorder

Relieving pain, enhancing mobility in bones and muscles.

Neurological Disorder

Specialized care to enhance neurological function, quality of life.

Sport Injuries

Customized rehabilitation to recover from sports-related injuries.

Pre-Post Surgical Procedure

Expert support for smooth surgery recovery process.

Pediatric Condition

Physiotherapy tailored to children's specific health conditions.

Elderly Condition

Holistic physiotherapy promoting healthier and comfortable ageing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section is designed to answer common questions about PhysioCare Rehab’s services. Informative and concise, the answers will help you make well-informed decisions.

Expect a personalized treatment plan developed by our certified therapists, focusing on your unique recovery and physical health improvement needs.

Typically, sessions last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the treatment plan designed for your specific condition.

No. You can directly book a session with us. However, some insurances require referral for reimbursement.

Frequency varies, based on your treatment plan. Your therapist will determine this after the initial assessment.

Absolutely. We use evidence-based practices at our clinic, ensuring safety and effectiveness.

Yes. Our therapists are experienced in treating a range of conditions, from acute sports injuries to chronic issues.

Most insurances cover physiotherapy costs. It's advisable to check with your insurance provider for specifics.

Some discomfort may be experienced as your body adjusts, but our therapists aim to minimize any discomfort.

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